Sustainability strategy – in harmony with our values

Our sustainability management system and the resulting measures we take are based on the company's sustainability strategy, which was defined and introduced in fiscal 2014/2015. In turn, this strategy is crucially underpinned and guided by Wincor Nixdorf's fundamental values, which are expressed in our vision, mission statement, and corporate values.

In this context, we have reviewed, evaluated, and modified each aspect of our sustainability agenda – products and suppliers, environmental protection, employees, and social responsibility.

Our management approaches are derived from our sustainability strategy and provide for its detailed implementation. With regard to products and suppliers, environmental protection, human resources, and corporate responsibility, we highlight why certain aspects and their impacts are of fundamental importance for Wincor Nixdorf and its stakeholders. We focus on these key aspects in our sustainability reports.

Sustainability strategy – Corporate values (graphic)Sustainability strategy – Corporate values (graphic)

Sustainability management

  • We engage in an intensive dialogue on sustainability with all of our stakeholders.
  • Our sustainability management policy sets down compulsory rules and objectives for all our employees.

Products and suppliers

  • Through the restrictions on hazardous substances in our products and their energy efficiency, recyclability, and reliability, we ensure significant benefits for our customers.
  • We maintain a fair and trusting spirit of cooperation with our suppliers. In dealing with our network of suppliers, we set clearly defined social, ethical, and ecological standards, which we regularly review.

Environmental protection

  • Ecological responsibility is firmly anchored within our company. That responsibility is delivered with the help of our committed workforce and an environmental management system embraced by us all.
  • Energy efficiency and resource conservation are important guiding factors for both our production activities and our infrastructure.


  • We develop and strengthen the skills and motivation of our employees throughout their careers by means of carefully planned apprenticeships and training opportunities.
  • Thanks to an attractive work environment, we are able to recruit and retain talented people whose expertise and diverse experience and backgrounds enrich the company and lay the foundations for ongoing innovation.
  • Our corporate culture is characterized by openness, fairness, and respect, while discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.
  • We have a stated commitment to uphold human rights and to adhere to social and ethical standards with regard to all our stakeholders.
  • In line with the principle of "safety first," we prioritize the health and safety of our workforce in our day-to-day actions.

Social responsibility

  • We take our social responsibility toward our local communities very seriously. This social commitment is fully embraced both by our managers and by our workforce.