Sustainability organization

Competence Centers as central control bodies

Appropriate structures need to be put in place if sustainability is to be systematically integrated into business practices. With this in mind, Wincor Nixdorf began to develop a set of structures for sustainability a full four years ago. Three central Competence Centers were established at Group level with active remits for the environment and occupational safety as well as health and social issues. As central control bodies, their role is to make ongoing improvements in our efforts to achieve sustainability.

In addition, they act as partners and advisers to the relevant Officers located in all of the "Areas" (groups of countries) into which our Group companies are divided. The heads of the Competence Centers remain in regular contact with the Area Officers, in person, by telephone, and by taking part in workshops.

Competence Center

Specific responsibilities

  • Implementing sustainable HR management
  • Attending to employees' health and well-being
  • Fostering social and community programs


  • Improving workplace health and safety
  • Creating a worldwide accident log
  • Setting workplace health and safety targets


  • Improving our environmental performance
  • Auditing our carbon footprint
  • Setting environmental targets

General responsibilities

  • Strengthening and refining the Wincor Nixdorf sustainability system at a functional level
  • Liaising with the Sustainability Officers in the company Areas
  • Compiling the sustainability report
  • Stakeholder dialogue

The Sustainability Steering Board – setting the strategy

The heads of the Competence Centers work closely with the overall Sustainability Steering Board, which includes representatives from the Board of Directors, other core areas of the business, Production, and our "Field Service" organization (the technical customer service team). The Sustainability Steering Board defines the general strategic sustainability guidelines and the corresponding targets for the Group.

Sustainability at Wincor Nixdorf

Sustainability at Wincor Nixdorf (graphic)Sustainability at Wincor Nixdorf (graphic)

The role of our local Officers

In all of our geographical Areas and at our production sites worldwide, Officers with specific responsibility for workplace health and safety, the environment, and social issues and employee healthcare have been appointed and trained. Their task is to monitor and manage sustainability issues at a local level. Key functions include:

  • Promoting the sustainability system in a proactive and far-sighted manner
  • Providing legal certainty at local level
  • Advising and training employees
  • Calculating local key performance figures for the sustainability report

Specialist responsibility for workplace safety and environmental issues

At an operational level, we have established a "specialist level" with standardized functions throughout the Group. Accordingly, it is now mandatory for qualified fire marshals, first aiders, evacuation assistants, environmental officers, and health and safety officers to be designated in writing at all locations.

Central documents

The rules, instructions, and processes derived from our sustainability criteria have been integrated into our management system in the form of guidelines, process descriptions, and work instructions. They are also a firmly established component of Wincor Nixdorf's global business processes. This system ensures that the requisite procedures are implemented across all levels of the company and in all its processes.