International customer satisfaction survey

Our customers are one of our most important stakeholder groups. Keeping them satisfied is a key element in maintaining our long-term success as a business. In addition to the ongoing dialogue we have already established with our customers, we also undertake regular international customer satisfaction surveys. These are an integral part of our global sales and marketing activities. Our aim here is to find out what our customers themselves think about our services, and based on the results to identify concrete and measurable opportunities for improvement.

These annual surveys of our banking and retail customers are designed to help us measure and evaluate our specific "performance areas" and obtain ratings for attributes such as innovative, professional, customer-oriented, and strong partner. Our net promoter score (NPS) is calculated by asking "What is the probability that you would recommend our company to your colleagues or business partners?" The NPS tells us whether a customer is likely to recommend us. The results are analysed by Region and Area to help us identify weaknesses within the organization and take specific remedial action.

In the surveys, each performance area is assessed at defined measuring points. These "Customer Touch Points" are the points at which customers come into contact with our services. The measurements provide us with a very precise and nuanced understanding of how satisfied our customers are with all aspects of our business relationship.

Customer interfaces

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Customer interfaces (graphic)Customer interfaces (graphic)

Performance areas

Overall customer satisfaction

  • Sales and purchase experience
  • Solution and service portfolio
  • Supply quality
  • Use and operation of solutions
  • Value for money
  • Service quality

As well as the actual results, we attach great importance to the task of identifying appropriate measures based on those results. This involves not only drawing attention to possible improvements but also harnessing that potential in a targeted manner. The results and the measures we adopt are embedded in "account plans" and reviewed on a regular basis.

Let us take one example of a specific measure. During the survey, a customer expresses dissatisfaction with the operation of a CINEO model. The account manager follows up this survey response and contacts the customer directly to identify the actual problem. It turns out that the bank's staff cannot remove jammed banknotes on their own without a considerable amount of prior training. The solution is very simple: Instructions on how to deal with jammed banknotes are now stuck on to the ATM. As a result, every member of the bank's staff can rectify a jam without the need for training.

This approach to customer service has paid off. A series of targeted measures led to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction in some of our most important regions.

Compared with the previous year, the NPS for our Banking segment rose by a substantial margin among those companies which again took part in the survey. The results achieved by Wincor Nixdorf were excellent, as confirmed by means of benchmarking with other leading companies.