Strategy and management

Chapter entry Strategy and management (photo)

In the view of the Board of Directors at Wincor Nixdorf AG, any commitment to sustainable business practices involves giving equal weight to social, environmental, and economic factors. Our goal is to offer our customers solutions that meet the very highest environmental and economic standards. In this context, we believe that information technology presents us with tremendous opportunities, and we want to harness IT in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment and our use of resources. We see these principles as guidelines that underpin our commitment to being a trusted partner to our customers and an attractive employer to our workforce.

We are aware of our responsibility and over the years have made an important contribution in respect of continuous improvement. Our actions reflect our corporate culture – a culture based on trust, transparency, reliability, and fairness in our dealings with customers, business partners, employees, and the public.

As early as 2011/2012 we defined our fundamental approach toward sustainability in the form of a "Management Commitment" that was disseminated throughout the Group and has since been extended and widely implemented. We are committed to sustainable business practices by exercising social, environmental, and economic responsibility. The same applies to the further expansion of our sustainability system across the Group.

The sustainability program put in place by Wincor Nixdorf should be seen as a dynamic process that is firmly enshrined in our corporate and management culture and will continue to evolve as we move forward. It involves continuously monitoring the progress we make toward our objectives (see Sustainability targets), maintaining a dialogue with our stakeholders to help us identify relevant issues (see Materiality analysis), holding events to exchange views, obtaining feedback on the resulting developments (see Stakeholder dialogue), and clearly observing the sustainability strategy embedded in our corporate values (see Sustainability strategy).