Product safety

Product safety has top priority throughout our portfolio. As part of its product liability obligations, Wincor Nixdorf has established an integrated management system covering the full range of product safety procedures. This system specifies how we ensure compliance with the product safety requirements set out in legislation and our own standards. These rules are intended to make sure that our products operate according to their intended purpose and do not pose a risk to life, property, or the environment. The key here is to put in place optimized and coordinated business processes to control the quality and safety of all the products that we develop, manufacture, and sell.

Over the entire process chain, from drawing up an initial product concept through to disposal or recycling, we monitor the effects of each device on health and safety and look for potential improvements. These tasks are performed by experts from Wincor Nixdorf's internal Approvals unit together with employees from Quality Assurance and independent inspection and certification bodies.

Responsibilities for all product safety tasks are clearly defined and documented – from management level all the way down to individual tests. After completion, each task is signed off by the corresponding employee and his/her line manager.