Information security

Our information security management system guarantees the confidentiality, availability, integrity, and authenticity of data and information in line with legislation and by means of organizational and technical mechanisms. Its specific objectives are:

  • to safeguard data and information, particularly customer and employee data, against risks and threats;
  • to protect our business processes and ensure uninterrupted business operations;
  • to mitigate risks to an acceptable level;
  • to avert material and non-material loss or damage to the company.

The purpose of all these measures is either to avert known or perceived risks, to reduce the likelihood of them occurring, or to transfer the risk to other parties in order to avoid damage to Wincor Nixdorf. When the term "security" is used in the context of information, this means that the following attributes must be safeguarded:

  • Confidentiality – ensuring that data and information are only accessible to authorized parties in the manner permitted.
  • Integrity – intactness of information and data; in the case of electronic communications this means that the data have not been altered during transfer.
  • Availability – ensuring that information and services can be retrieved and utilized at any time and at the intended speed.
  • Authenticity – ensuring that the communicating party actually is who he/she claims to be, or that the information available has actually been compiled by the specified source.