Remarketing concept

Used Wincor Nixdorf systems are highly sought after around the globe. As well as being repurchased by Wincor Nixdorf, they are often acquired by third parties (so-called brokers) directly from our customers. Demand is driven to a large extent by the intrinsic value of our systems and components. Similar to our remarketing concept, they are used by brokers as a source of replacement parts. This concept can be broken down into three elements: remarketing, re-use, and recycling. In the period under review, 2,351 metric tons (2014/2015: 2,259 metric tons) of used devices were fed into the remarketing concept at our Paderborn site.

Remarketing. The first stage of the concept involves the repurchase, refurbishment, and remarketing of used Wincor Nixdorf products from corporate customers. In the 2015/2016 financial year, around 500 second-hand systems were remarketed in this way.

Re-use concept

Remarketing (graphic)Remarketing (graphic)

Re-use. During this stage service parts and components are reused, thereby reducing the volume of waste. Other advantages include the extended availability of service parts and components as well as cost savings for customers compared to the approach of downstream reproduction of service parts and components – often an expensive undertaking – for units from previous generations. By applying this re-use concept, in the 2015/2016 financial year we were able to redeploy some 22,000 service part modules, such as payout mechanisms and input units as part of the recycling process.

Re-use concept: number of
re-used service part modules

Recycling. The third stage involves the disassembly of systems and subsequent sorting of parts into more than fifty material types. This potentially reduces the proportion of waste that can no longer be recycled to less than 1%. In taking this approach, we are facing up to our responsibilities as a manufacturer and ensuring fully compliant, high-quality recycling.