Real-time communication

Nowadays our colleagues at various locations need to come together in virtual groups for international conferences, training courses, and meetings, so video-conferencing and e-meetings play an increasingly vital role. Special real-time communication technology allows us to create the best possible working atmosphere for our staff. In Paderborn we have had ten different-sized videoconferencing/telepresence rooms since 2016. This means we can conduct virtual meetings worldwide, thereby reducing the number of business trips and their associated expenses and greenhouse gas emissions. This has become a key element of our daily work. Compared to previous videoconferencing systems, telepresence technology has a number of key benefits, as it allows staff to hold meetings with colleagues all over the world in very realistic conditions. This is aided by the technology's uniform method of setting up the meeting, first-class sound quality and HD images, which all help to ensure a successful meeting. The volume is also adjusted to suit the room. The camera automatically focuses on the person who is speaking, so it gives the impression of true face-to-face contact.

Real-time communication (photo)

Wincor Nixdorf employees in a telepresence conference

The study of carbon disclosure projects (CDP) "The telepresence revolution" has already shown the enormous effect that videoconferencing has on travel costs, travel times, and the carbon footprint, particularly for large companies. Studies show that increased productivity and accelerated decision-making are other benefits, and a reduction in business travel also improves work-life balance.