Energy-efficient data centers

For some of our customers we plan, build, maintain, and operate complete high-availability data centers. In this area, we favor the use of innovative technologies and processes to optimize the benefits to customers, in addition to cutting costs and reducing the negative effects on the environment. A team of experts is responsible for establishing and operating our data centers around the globe. This team regularly assesses our data centers with regard to energy efficiency and implements optimization measures where required. We also tap into lessons learned in past projects when planning and constructing new data centers. Two new data centers were commissioned in the 2013/2014 financial year. In order to maximize availability, these centers were duplicated on two independent sites so that one center can take over the work of the other. In the planning stage we focused strongly on energy-efficient operations, taking the following criteria into consideration:

  • Modular design
  • Variable-speed pumps and fans
  • Electricity feed-in with minimized power dissipation
  • Best possible use of free cooling by means of external air
  • Use of highly efficient air-conditioning units
  • Separation of warm and cold zones for air-conditioning
  • Deployment of energy-efficient server technology
  • Virtualization of server resources
  • Continuous consumption and needs analyses