Energy conservation at our sites

In 2013 we initiated an extensive program aimed at conserving energy in some of the buildings at our Paderborn production facilities. During the period under review, this was one of the key steps taken to optimize energy efficiency. Individual measures such as the installation of thermal windows and efficient small and large heat pumps, and the modernization of air-conditioning systems are being undertaken on an ongoing basis. In parallel, we have been introducing efficient drive units in pumps and ventilators, modernizing our facility control systems, and implementing far-reaching procedures to track energy consumption.

We are also gradually switching the lighting at our production facilities and offices to modern, energy-efficient LED systems. This process is part of our ongoing modification and renovation efforts. In Paderborn the installation of LED lighting in the car parks that was planned during the 2014/2015 financial year has been completed. The next step is to modernize all exterior lighting. This will allow us to cut electricity consumption by around 70% and save approx. 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of sixteen four-person households in Germany.

Our production plant in Ilmenau (Germany) is heated via a district heating network. This form of energy is particularly eco-friendly, as it is generated using combined heat and power and renewable resources.

The use of underfloor heating systems in production areas also increases energy efficiency because – compared to conventional radiators – it can create the required indoor climate while running at relatively low temperatures. This means less energy is required to provide heating.