Environmental management at company sites

During the period under review we had subsidiaries in 42 countries. We operate a number of sites in these countries, with offices and production facilities that are either rented or owned by Wincor Nixdorf. Our global sustainability organization (see chapter on Sustainability Structures) sets out local responsibilities relating to environmental protection, occupational safety, and social responsibility in a transparent and uniform way. For instance, the Environmental Officer, as a member of the regional management team, is responsible for the full range of issues relating to environmental protection at a local level, and is assisted by the Competence Center Environment. In addition, processes of relevance to the environment are guided by a management system certified in accordance with ISO 14001. This structure allows us to guarantee a high standard of environmental protection worldwide.

This approach presents tangible opportunities, particularly in situations where we as owners can exert direct influence on decisions of environmental significance with regard to buildings. For example, energy efficiency is an issue that is a priority at sites owned by Wincor Nixdorf. We are continuously optimizing our buildings, machinery, and processes in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency. In order to pursue this goal as effectively as possible, local management is advised and supported by competent experts from Wincor Nixdorf Facility Services GmbH and the Competence Center Environment.

At all locations where Wincor Nixdorf rents its premises, the company has little influence over the choice of energy carriers, the execution of refurbishment work, or the disposal of waste materials. However, in these cases we focus on selecting suitable sites and take into account the environmental aspects of rented premises. To this end, we use a standardized checklist throughout the Group; it includes points such as possible certification of buildings, types of heating system, as well as condition and design of windows. Where applicable, energy performance certificates are included in this assessment.