Eco-friendly logistics

A holistic approach to environmental protection means sustainable business activity does not end with production but includes the entire shipping process. An international company with production facilities around the globe is particularly dependent on shipping arrangements that are cost-effective and environmentally sound. After all, significant resources can be saved at the transportation stage: through having production sites in close proximity to customers, efficient logistics, the right packaging, and choosing the most appropriate means of transport.

Local for Local

"Local for Local" denotes the principle of producing customer goods locally wherever possible. As a result, transport routes can be optimized, time and cost savings achieved to the benefit of the customer, and the impact on the environment kept to a minimum. For instance, we already produce around 95% of the products delivered to our Asian customers in Asia itself.

Eco-friendly product packaging

Regardless of the means by which the products reach our customers, environmental protection starts with the packaging. For all our product packaging requirements, we choose recyclable, single-material packaging, such as cardboard made from recycled paper or reconstituted wood pulp. The following target figures apply to the materials used by the company:

  • System packaging: approx. 95 weight percent corrugated cardboard with a high proportion of recycled paper and 5 weight percent plastic (PE film).
  • Single packages and service parts packaging: up to 100 percent corrugated cardboard with a high proportion of recycled paper.
  • Reusable packaging for service parts: exterior packaging made of corrugated cardboard with a high proportion of recycled paper, approx. 75 weight percent; plastic (PE foam) approx. 25 weight percent.

On request, we also take back product packaging from our customers.

For our land shipments, we almost invariably use packaging that consists of cardboard with a high proportion of recycled paper as well as recyclable PE film (polyethylene). Alongside the above-mentioned materials, we primarily use packaging made of environmentally sound wooden materials for sea and air freight.

Environmentally-friendly transportation

Wincor Nixdorf sets great store by the use of safe and environmentally-friendly modes of transport. It is with this in mind that we only use reputable German freight forwarders with modern vehicle fleets for transportation within Europe. In the case of intercontinental consignments, we tend to prefer eco-friendly sea transportation rather than air freight services. At present, more than 95% of all consignments are handled by sea transportation.

Efficient logistics also includes the best possible use of loading units. At Wincor Nixdorf, we take great care to ensure that all loading space is used to optimum effect when our products are placed in shipping containers; only fully utilized containers make economic and ecological sense.

Global Wincor Nixdorf product transportation



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These figures relate solely to our production sites.

Only the transportation for which Wincor Nixdorf bears responsibility was taken into account.

The transport route was determined as the straight-line distance between the respective production site and the geographical center of the destination country.





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