Environmental protection

Chapter entry Environmental protection (photo)

As a company that operates at an international level, we have far-reaching responsibilities concerning the impact that our business activities have on the environment. We fully accept this responsibility and actively promote environmentally aware behavior at a number of levels.

Our staff and partners around the world play a key role in this: it is only by each individual taking action that we as a company can fulfill our environmental obligations. We have been meeting this challenge for many years now through our Environmental & Sustainability Management System, which sets out the binding responsibilities of each employee and specific functions (such as Environmental Officer and Environmental Commissioner).

We are committed to delivering the very best in customer value thanks to a closed product cycle in conjunction with low emissions, energy efficiency, and recyclability – and by manufacturing reliable products.

Our infrastructure and production are another key pillar in our approach. In this respect, key factors are energy efficiency and the careful use of resources. For example, we assess our buildings, machinery and processes in terms of their environmental impact, and undertake improvements wherever possible.