Prevention of accidents

We seek as far as possible to avoid or to minimize any hazards and risks that might arise from our business activities. However, in the event that an accident occurs despite all of the preventive measures in place, we do more than simply identify the causes. We also utilize the opportunity to strengthen those measures in order to avoid – to the greatest degree possible – any potential repeat of the incident. Additionally, we maintain statistics on all accidents. Our goal is to reduce the frequency of accidents on a permanent basis. In this case, our Competence Center Safety provides professional support for the local Safety Officer.

In order to manage the accident investigation and assessment process in a uniform way, over the past two years we have introduced a Group-wide reporting and analysis system for accidents at work. Its aim is to define and implement standardized and coordinated measures across the company for the prevention of work-related accidents. In addition, we intend to improve communication between all those involved in order to promote a more active exchange of proven preventative measures. At a local level, the respective Safety Officers are responsible for documenting and assessing accidents as well as for drawing up and implementing suitable preventative measures for the site in question. Our Competence Center Safety reviews the locally recorded figures on accidents and each year compiles an accident report for the company. In addition, it takes the lead on Group-wide measures and programs for accident prevention.

Work-related accidents with lost days






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LTIFR = Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate: Number of Lost Time Injuries (LTI) x 1,000,000 hours worked. LTI are work-related accidents resulting in at least one lost day of work. For the purpose of this report 95% of all employees were accounted for as part of these calculations.







Fatal accidents