Attending to employees' health and well-being

By providing effective health management, we hope to sustain and further improve our employees' well-being and readiness for work over the long term. Health management at Wincor Nixdorf's sites therefore goes beyond legal requirements for workplace health and safety and supplements these regulations by means of a two-pronged approach: health promotion and sickness prevention. We aim to help our employees stay fit and healthy with a wide range of company health promotion measures that are implemented in cooperation with company doctors, workplace health and safety specialists, and health insurance companies. We regularly raise awareness of health risks among the workforce by, for example, organizing campaign days devoted to issues such as cardiovascular health and dealing with stress. Information on related causes of illness and options for prevention is also provided. Aside from the campaign days, our staff also can take advantage of numerous advisory and preventive programs. We also place great importance on analyzing instances of incapacity for work and (subject to data protection rules) the causes of incapacity. We believe it is vital to discuss these issues and to implement preventive measures where appropriate. Where required we set up health committees, usually with the involvement of representatives from health insurance companies.

Additionally, in cooperation with the BG ETEM Employers' Liability Insurance Association (which covers the energy, textiles, electronics, and media sectors), we have launched a pilot project at one Wincor Nixdorf subsidiary. This involves using an employee survey to assess the workplace-related risks incurred by employees as a result of psychological pressures. On the basis of this, appropriate measures for preventing the resulting risks are identified.