Health and safety structure

Our Group-wide health and safety policies are built around a multilevel health and safety structure and support functions (staff functions).  This health and safety structure forms part of our Group-wide sustainability system.

Health and Safety Responsibility Model

Health and safety structure (graphic)Health and safety structure (graphic)

Responsibility for coordinating effective occupational safety measures around the globe lies with the central Competence Center Safety, which also develops principles and rules concerning occupational safety and supports local management. The Competence Center is guided by OHSAS 18001, the international standard on occupational safety management systems. These essential requirements are supplemented and executed by the local Safety Officer according to local needs. Additionally, the Safety Officer acts as the local point of contact of the Competence Center Safety. To support this process further, suitable staff members are appointed as occupational health and safety specialists at every site and provided with ongoing training. The number of such specialists depends on the size of the location involved. The relevant internal guidelines can be found within the "Number of specialists" table in our download area. This multilevel organizational structure helps us ensure that high standards of occupational safety are maintained worldwide. In addition, we can respond flexibly and rapidly to local legal regulations and specific customer requirements.

The Competence Center Safety and the Safety Officers, along with local specialists, assist our managers in executing their health and safety-related responsibilities within their particular area. Managers have responsibility for their employees in this context. They also act as multipliers and role models. To support them in this important task, we provide them with a variety of internal and external training courses on topics such as "Taking responsibility for health and safety."

Occupational health and safety at Wincor Nixdorf also involves every employee taking responsibility. To that end, numerous regular working groups and project groups have been set up to implement and develop our health and safety policies. Within the project groups, employees, managers, employee representatives, company doctors, and safety engineers plan and optimize new production processes with workplace safety in mind. Working groups comprising staff representatives, managers, and experts also convene regularly to devise strategies for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Health and safety issues are also treated as a priority in our cooperation with customers and suppliers. We work with them to identify potential risks collaboratively and to agree and implement measures to reduce those risks. We employ specially trained coordinators for this task, which involves identifying potential hazards in cooperation with customers and suppliers and agreeing and implementing measures to minimize those risks.