Supporting and developing future talent

In a world of fluctuating markets, growing internationalization, and increasingly strong competition, a systematic approach is needed to ensure that key positions within the company are filled by qualified employees. It makes sense, therefore, to begin looking for and developing future "key players" among one's own ranks.

More than 120 employees are members of our international Talent Pool. The high proportion of employees appointed to new positions of responsibility within the company bears testimony to the success of measures aimed at developing talent. Even during the talent development phase, we adopt a strongly cooperative approach that continues from then on. As a result, those individuals who took part in the career development program can still draw on the international Talent Pool network, especially when challenges arise in their new roles.

The programs aimed at developing talent were further expanded over the course of the reporting period and extended to include additional career paths.

Potential successors are identified as part of a structured international process applied on a regular basis and are then systematically equipped to take on additional responsibilities. This does not simply involve designating successors for particular posts but rather supporting, from an early stage, employees with the drive, personality, and creativity to take over new areas of responsibility in the future.