Attracting talent

As an innovative company facing strong global competition, we are reliant on the highly skilled graduates and school-leavers who decide to pursue their careers with Wincor Nixdorf. In order, therefore, to attract talent, our employer offering includes carefully devised vocational training, interesting dual-track study and apprenticeship programs, cooperation with universities, and graduate trainee programs.

Customized training

In Germany, Wincor Nixdorf boasts a long history of training young people. However, this also means that we have to respond and adapt to changes affecting society and businesses. One trend that cannot be ignored is the increasing take-up of two-track study programs, combining a university degree with on-the-job experience. By participating in these, we are responding to changes in the labor market and in qualification requirements by satisfying the need for new talent that offers both academic skills and a practical focus. This helps overcome the deficits inherent in hiring graduates with a purely academic background.

As of September 30, 2016, we were employing 37 apprentices, who complete their initial vocational training on one of four different apprentice career paths. At the same time, as part of a bursary-type arrangement our workforce also included 19 students undertaking two-track studies in collaboration with a private business school (FHDW) in Paderborn.

At the international level, the nature and scope of any company training activities are oriented to fit the requirements of the local businesses and stakeholders. Wincor Nixdorf's Czech subsidiary, for example, is currently running training programs for ten students from a technical high school and from a vocational business college in Prague. On the basis of cooperation agreements, the students of the electro-technical school are deployed at Wincor Nixdorf for one week every month on projects such as the installation and servicing of hardware and software, remote support, service logistics, and much more besides. The students from the business college, meanwhile, alternate three months of administrative work at the Prague office of the subsidiary with three months of schooling.

Additionally, Wincor Nixdorf Spain cooperates with training centers. As part of a two-track apprenticeship scheme, the apprentices gain between three and twelve months' experience at our Spanish company.

Opportunities for graduates

For students from many disciplines, the stimulating internships, joint work/study placements, and research opportunities we offer serve as an introduction to real professional practice. In Germany, our student employees work at the company alongside their studies for a maximum of 20 hours per week over a period of up to two years; they are involved in day-to-day business as well as specific projects. Their tasks are generally structured in line with their field of study, which allows the students to gain practical experience for their future careers.

The various measures promote awareness of Wincor Nixdorf among students and give them a positive impression of the Group. This strategy helps provide the company with a large pool of highly qualified graduates with extensive hands-on experience from which it can draw when filling vacancies.

Alongside direct entry subsequent to university graduation, we offer an intensive Group-wide program with appropriate support for those starting out on their career. The two-year Graduate Onboarding Program provides graduates with the opportunity to enjoy an internationally oriented introduction to the fields of supply chain management or global purchasing/supplier quality management. The graduates are assigned to various functions at the company's sites in Germany or Asia, where they are given the chance to take responsibility for their own projects. This program also includes relevant training modules. In addition to establishing an international network, those taking part in the program are given an excellent insight into the various activities along the value chain and can prepare themselves for a challenging career within our supply chain or purchasing network.

Outline of the Graduate Onboarding Program

Deployment on a project
– in quality management, logistics (inbound & outbound), supplier development, etc.
– in Singapore, Shanghai, or Paderborn

Outline of the Graduate Onboarding Program (graphic)Outline of the Graduate Onboarding Program (graphic)

Teaming up with universities

During the reporting period, we successfully extended our close cooperation with universities and higher education providers. For example, at our site in Paderborn students are given the opportunity to work on projects that focus on topics of specific interest to the Group, while company representatives organize workshops at universities. In addition, by regularly attending campus exhibitions and fairs, we establish contacts with potential future employees. We also support students directly in the form of our Germany Scholarship program. In the year under review, we directly assisted five students in this way.

Wincor Nixdorf Spain, for its part, offers students from a variety of public and private universities in Madrid the opportunity to complete internships of approximately a year's duration. To facilitate this, specific partnership agreements have been signed with the universities concerned.