Education and training

The primary goal of training and education at Wincor Nixdorf is to ensure a highly qualified and motivated workforce in line with the company's business strategy. As the basis for lasting business success, we want to attract the best young talent to work for us and to retain those people as employees. We achieve this with the aid of attractive starter opportunities for both school-leavers and graduates, tailored vocational training opportunities, and a variety of development and qualification options.

Strategic staff development helps employees to embrace the company's goals and makes Wincor Nixdorf even more attractive to highly qualified personnel. Our approach emphasizes the promotion of employees from within our own ranks. By offering them targeted professional development, we are contributing significantly to the success and future prosperity of our company. The measures involved are geared towards employees at all levels of the organization.

In response to the extensive adjustments we are making to structures and processes, each and every employee needs to show great flexibility and the capacity to help shape these changes in a constructive way. We are providing new training initiatives to help our managers and employees acquire these skills.