Preventing discrimination

In line with our corporate values, Wincor Nixdorf expects its employees to conduct themselves in both internal and external settings in a way that does not harm the interests of the company. In particular, all employees are expected to treat colleagues and others outside the Group in a friendly, objective, and fair manner.

Discrimination or harassment of staff, for example in the form of sexual harassment or bullying, will not be tolerated. Wincor Nixdorf is committed to ensuring that no employee is discriminated against, receives preferential treatment, is harassed, or marginalized on account of gender, descent, ethnicity, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, disability, or age. The dignity, personality rights, and privacy of employees must not be violated.

Our Code of Conduct outlines the compulsory rules governing fair and respectful treatment of one another. This Code of Conduct is binding on every employee of Wincor Nixdorf worldwide.

Employees should report any instances of discrimination to their line manager, the responsible HR department, or to the Compliance Officer. Alternatively, an external ombudsman is available for employees to contact for the purpose of reporting any infringements of the code of conduct.

In Germany, the Equal Treatment Act (the "Gleichbehandlungsgesetz") provides protection from discrimination, particularly in the workplace. Any infringements can be reported to the works council representative, the HR department, or the Federal anti-discrimination office. We use a clearly prescribed procedure for documenting and reviewing any such reports. If unacceptable discriminatory behavior is found to have occurred, we will take appropriate measures that, in extreme cases, could lead to the dismissal of the offending employee.

No cases of discrimination were identified during the reporting period; accordingly, no measures were taken.