Innovation driven by diversity

Within Germany, Wincor Nixdorf's workforce includes people of 35 different nationalities. We believe it is this diversity that puts our company in a position to follow a sustainable corporate strategy based on the pillars of stability, productivity, and innovation. Our strategy rests on the conviction that our company benefits from the valuable knowledge derived from multicultural teams comprised of members from different backgrounds, and that this helps us to understand complex international markets more easily. Particularly as an international organization, we therefore thrive on the diversity of our employees, as this represents a vital element in the innovation and creativity we bring to our products and markets.

An international management team

Our international outlook is also reflected in our global management team. At our subsidiaries around the world, the vast majority of senior staff are derived from the respective local organizations. More than 80% of our senior managers in our country operations (i.e., general managers within an Area or country organization) are recruited from the country organization concerned. During the year under review, more than 30 different nationalities were represented among this senior management team.

Intercultural cooperation

To foster our international outlook and intercultural cooperation, we have set up an international onboarding program. Within this, employees of different nationalities are deployed to work on a range of projects in Asia and Germany.

Further information: "Attracting talent" (opportunities for graduates)

Taking account of age diversity

Over recent years, the average age of our employees has continued to increase. Globally, the average age of Wincor Nixdorf employees rose in fiscal 2015/16 to 43.4 (2014/15: 42.4). In Germany, the average age was 47.2 (2014/15: 46.0). Outside of Germany, the workforce was somewhat younger, with an average age of 41.0 (2014/15: 39.9).

Total workforce by age








< 30 years




30 – 50 years




> 50 years




This demographic shift creates a number of challenges for both us and other businesses, challenges to which we are responding with a range of measures. For example, part-time employment options for staff approaching pensionable age allow employees to move smoothly from their working life into retirement. Thanks to our up-to-date healthcare management programs, we are also ensuring that our employees can remain fit for work as they grow older. A variety of training courses keep people's knowledge up to date, while a structured succession planning system helps ensure that the know-how of our experienced employees remains within the company even after they retire.

In order to maintain a balanced range of ages in the Group, we are endeavoring by means of various career-starter activities and programs for graduates to attract committed managers for the future and thereby continue to position Wincor Nixdorf as an attractive employer for young talent.

Equal treatment of men and women

At Wincor Nixdorf all employees – whatever their gender – are treated equally across the Group. In filling roles, decisions are made in respect of candidates, whether male or female, only on the basis of their suitability for the role and irrespective of their gender. Global job descriptions ensure that remuneration worldwide is based purely on the function undertaken, thus preventing differentiation between women's and men's salaries.

Total workforce by gender








Employees by gender












In the programs we organize to develop the next generation of managers, there is a clear increase in the proportion of female participants. A full 50% of participants on our Graduate Onboarding Program – our Group-wide intensive scheme for those starting their career – were women in the year under review. Similarly, the proportion of women among our student employees (43% as of September 30, 2016) was substantially higher than the average for the workforce as a whole.

In order to motivate more young women to consider technical professions, we also take part in the Germany-wide "Girls' Day."

Fostering integration through work

We are committed to improving the employment situation for people with disabilities. In addition, we provide disadvantaged members of society with the opportunity to gain skills and employment in suitable roles. Within Germany, Wincor Nixdorf employed 133 severely disabled people (including those officially assigned to this category) across its various companies as of September 30, 2016. For those employees the focus is on integration, so that people can work together on an equal footing, whether or not they have a disability.

In addition, within Germany Wincor Nixdorf is cooperating with sheltered workshops that employ disabled people. Since 2007, we have been working in close cooperation with Caritas Wohn- und Werkstätten im Erzbistum Paderborn e.V. With an initial focus on specific projects, this partnership has been continuously extended and strengthened. In the period under review, there were therefore 20 designated work spaces at our Paderborn plant for employees from the aforementioned workshop. Furthermore, job content for around 30 additional assembly work stations has been created in the Paderborn area so that people who are severely restricted in their mobility can still work for Wincor Nixdorf. In addition, our Paderborn plant provides up to ten jobs for colleagues from INTEG GmbH, a recognized sheltered workshop for people with disabilities. Alongside the provision of employment, the focus for Wincor Nixdorf is on supporting the disabled persons' workshop and supporting the people who work there.