Worker participation

Although Wincor Nixdorf is an international corporation, it nonetheless continues to be shaped by its heritage as a medium-sized enterprise. This is reflected in the direct, dialogue-based interaction between the company and its employees. In addition, the senior management team encourages a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation, with employees represented in works councils and trade unions. At a company level, the interests of the employees are represented within the Supervisory Board by six board members, in accordance with legal requirements.

Wincor Nixdorf respects the right of its employees to unionize in accordance with national legislation.

The works council is informed by the company about all significant changes within the organization and puts forward its own views during consultations with the company's management. In addition, the company informs the various committees representing employees of the financial situation and of essential changes within the Group and its member companies.

We notify our employees promptly of any significant operational changes. This information is generally passed on by the relevant line managers and via internal communications media. Participants in the regularly held meetings of the global senior management team are also expected to share locally the knowledge they have acquired and inform the employees for whom they are responsible.