Remuneration and benefits

Valuing and rewarding work fairly

With the help of global functional descriptions, which are linked to collective remuneration systems in some parts of the Group, we are able to ensure a fair and consistent differentiation in income according to the role assigned to each employee. Compensation is generally geared to local, sector-specific, or country-specific circumstances that Wincor Nixdorf assesses through remuneration comparisons with reputable suppliers.

The objective pursued by the company is to compensate staff fairly and reasonably at all times within an acceptable economic framework. Our international subsidiaries comply with all legal and otherwise mandatory provisions on minimum pay as well as additional collective arrangements such as wage settlements and company agreements.

Wincor Nixdorf designs its compensation structures in such a way as to ensure that both individual performance and the performance of the workforce as a whole are rewarded fairly. Individual performance is valued by means of (local) evaluation systems that are based on role-related requirements.

Another element is the ability to share in the success of the company (or parts thereof) by means of variable, target-based salary components. Thanks to a continuous system of target structures and key indicators, implemented in line with uniform principles, employees and managers around the world (including members of the Board of Directors) are assessed according to the same principle – the business success of the company – and participate jointly in the company's results. The amount and the proportion of variable income with regard to total remuneration also depend on the role and responsibility.

As well as the salary components, the terms of employment also include other payments in kind (such as company cars, insurance, and pension arrangements).

Company pension schemes

Retirement benefit schemes are in place for some employees of the Group. These vary in accordance with the legal, economic, and taxation conditions of the respective countries and generally take the form of defined benefit plans.

Under German employment law, pension obligations are based on direct performance-related commitments in the form of defined contribution plans. Beneficiaries receive varying yearly contributions according to their individual pay scale group or contractual classification.

In Germany, Wincor Nixdorf also operates various employee-financed company pension schemes, including deferred compensation via a pension fund or the internal deferred compensation system. In this way, instead of a cash pension entitlement, employees can apply for direct employer approval of a defined occupational pension scheme.

Social standards

Wincor Nixdorf is aware of its social responsibilities – as determined by internationally established obligations – to all employees, male and female, in the countries in which it is represented. Our Code of Conduct contains a number of provisions that are based on human rights standards accepted around the globe. These include the prohibition of child labor and forced labor, the right to freedom of association and collective wage negotiations, and the introduction of humane working conditions. During the reporting period, we were not made aware of any breaches of the provisions involved.