Chapter entry Employees (photo)

Our vision is to establish Wincor Nixdorf as a leading supplier of IT solutions and services centered around the branch and store operations of banks and retailers. That is only possible with a team that works together and pulls together. The emphasis is on people who pursue the Group's goals with motivation and commitment – employees who identify with their company and are proud of their work.

To achieve this, we have focused our corporate culture on the values of nurture and challenge. We nurture talent by empowering people, by offering staff training for the purpose of taking on future tasks, and by providing opportunities for personal and professional advancement. At the same time, we challenge our employees to be open to change and to achieve ambitious goals. Our corporate culture is based on open and frank communication, complemented by a structure that is designed to allow each and every employee to contribute his or her knowledge and skills. We believe in initiative and creativity as well as the active involvement of all employees. We also offer them plenty of scope to think and act in an entrepreneurial manner, thus taking ownership of their work.

Through a combination of fair conditions of employment that meet market standards, a modern health management system, and a culture that emphasizes openness, fairness, and respect, we intend to make as significant a contribution as possible to maintaining or increasing our employees' skills, dedication, and capacity for work throughout their time with us.

Separately from that, changing demographics and social policies represent a major challenge for Wincor Nixdorf and business in general. Many of our employees will retire at some point over the next few years, while at the same time, due to our expansion and the company's strategic realignment, we will still have a need for highly qualified personnel. Against this backdrop, our HR planning and development activities must include measures both to recruit enough suitably qualified new staff and also provide dedicated ongoing training as the basis for our continued, long-term success.