Best Sustainability Idea 2016

Another award for Wincor Nixdorf's idea management system. In 2016 won first place in the category "Best Sustainability Idea." The awards are presented annually by the Center for Idea Management and are sponsored by the German Institute for Idea and Innovation Management in Frankfurt in order to highlight the key role of ideas in making businesses more competitive.

Presentation of the award to Wincor Nixdorf (photo)

Presentation of the award to Wincor Nixdorf (from left to right): Christiane Kersting, Managing Director of the ZI, Wilfried Peters, Idea Manager at Wincor Nixdorf and Gunnar Tegethoff, in PRS Service at Wincor Nixdorf

Awards received to date

  • 2016: Best Sustainability Idea
  • 2015: Best Idea Management System
  • 2015: 2nd place, International Ideas Day
  • 2014: Best Newcomer to Idea Management
  • 2013: Best Idea Management Leadership
  • 2012: Best Idea in Services Industry

The 2016 award recognized the contribution of Gunnar Tegethoff, whose idea was to provide customers with cleaning kits for thermal and barcode printers. One of the recurring problems with this kind of printer is that the print head and the cutting mechanism get dirty. Previously the job of cleaning them was performed by customers themselves, in Eastern Europe for example, using hard objects such as knives to clean the printer heads. Naturally this caused damage and led to device failure. In turn this generated considerable repair costs, as the devices had to be fixed on site. It occurred to Gunnar that a soft cleaning tool would clean the heads much more effectively and gently. Various tests were conducted until the most suitable solution was found. And best of all you can actually buy the cleaning tool in the shop! As well as saving materials and time, this solution means that it is no longer necessary to ship many items across Europe or for engineers to make on-site visits.

"The awards are designed to promote a vision of idea management that acts as a driving force for improvement within companies. We want to recognize those companies that have the best idea management systems for outstanding work in this area. As in previous years, the winning submissions were selected by an independent, international jury in a transparent procedure," says Christiane Kersting, Managing Director of the German Institute for Idea and Innovation Management. "Based on five key topics, specially developed rating criteria are used to cover all the relevant aspects of a modern idea management system. As well as recognizing strengths, such as the performance of the idea management system, the criteria reflect lasting successes achieved through a systematic and continuous cycle of planning, implementation, measuring, learning, and ongoing development."