Joining forces to promote workplace health

In spring 2016, Wincor Nixdorf Global Logistics GmbH launched a pilot project in this category with the aim of improving employee health and satisfaction at the workplace. The project was set up to address many factors, e.g., frequent interruptions during work, permanent availability, and workplace layout, as these can all produce emotional stress. An anonymous questionnaire was sent out in spring 2016 to employees and management staff requesting information about individual workplace conditions. The survey was conducted with the help of the HR department, the social counseling team, and the Competence Center Safety at Work. The questionnaire was based on a model developed by the Employers' Liability Insurance Association. At 94 %, the number of questionnaires actually returned was very positive, underlining not only the importance of the subject but also the willingness of employees to get involved.

Based on the questionnaire results, we held a workshop for each of the three priority areas identified: development opportunities, appropriate volumes of work, and suitable working environment. The workshops involved staff, the HR Department, the social counseling team and the Competence Center Safety at Work. The participants were invited to put forward specific proposals for measures to improve working conditions. One of the areas in which potential improvements were identified was in personal time and organizational management. Training will now be arranged in these areas for individual employees, who will then act as multipliers for the entire group in order to improve the situation for the team as a whole. These measures will be implemented from 2017 onwards. After its successful launch at Global Logistics GmbH, the project will be extended to other Wincor Nixdorf companies in 2017.

Joining forces to promote workplace health (photo)

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