Protection against unauthorized access

"Our CrypTA solution offers a very high level of security to protect our intellectual property and implement our processes in a highly flexible way," says Guido Walther, Director Technical Support at Wincor Nixdorf.

Our customers, employees, secure transport firms, and engineers all need secure access to certain ATM functions. As far as customers are concerned, the process is now highly intuitive and they automatically identify themselves with their debit card and pin for every transaction.

However, security risks do not only take the form of stolen cards or pins; systems also have to be protected against unauthorized in-house access. Wincor Nixdorf uses a variety of solutions to offer the greatest possible protection in this area. These guarantee secure authentication at the ATM and protect any data involved in the transaction. By way of example, we have been conducting analyses, diagnoses and tests using CrypTA (Cryptographic Technician Authentication) since 2009. Technicians who need to access sensitive self-service system components or diagnostic software are required to authenticate themselves using a personalized Wincor Nixdorf CrypTA stick. This method is used to assign the individual authorizations that they need for their work so that Wincor Nixdorf products can be tested without the need for additional software tools outside the system. This helps to prevent manipulation, such as the installation of unauthorized components. Combined with the latest encryption technology, this provides effective protection for sensitive data.

Smart concept for replacement parts

As well as addressing security issues, we also speeded up the solution process for engineers. One of the key ways in which we achieved this was by using smart replacement parts (hardware inventory). All replacement parts (FRUs, field replaceable units) in the CINEO environment contain at least three specific electronic data: the serial number, FRU number, and build specification. This makes the support process much more effective, as it reduces the number of engineer call-outs, and allows us to clarify quickly and easily what action needs to be taken and exactly which FRUs are required. The same data can also be used in our own manufacturing systems, e.g., to optimize processes or identify development faults.

Training for approximately 2,200 engineers every year

Before they receive a CrypTA stick for specific devices, our engineers have to complete a dedicated training course for which we have developed a global training plan. Every year we conduct around 390 attended training courses and nearly 7,500 web-based courses in 19 languages, all leading to the corresponding certification. Overall, this means we can offer training to around 2,200 engineers every year.

Number of CrypTA trainings (graphic)Number of CrypTA trainings (graphic)