Principles of corporate governance

The Board of Directors and Supervisory Board of Wincor Nixdorf are committed to responsible business management and control aimed at the sustained creation of value. The principles of corporate governance serve as a basis and guide for employees' conduct in respect of day-to-day management and business operations.

Good corporate governance strengthens the trust of shareholders, business partners, employees, and the general public in our company. It enhances corporate transparency and underpins the credibility of our organization. In embracing a well-balanced form of corporate governance, the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board endeavor to secure the overall competitiveness of Wincor Nixdorf, reinforce the level of confidence extended by the capital markets and the public in the company, and raise enterprise value in the long term.

The Corporate Governance Statement and the Corporate Governance Report have been made publicly available on our website at under the Investor Relations section.