Business model

Wincor Nixdorf effectively supports the efforts of banks and retailers to gear their operations to the requirements of the digital age. Accordingly, one of our core tasks is to link digital and stationary sales channels together in a way that promotes new business.

There are two factors that our clients now have to take into account if they wish to remain competitive. Firstly, they have to adapt to the changing behavior patterns and changing expectations of consumers who are increasingly turning to electronic and mobile communication channels. The challenge here is to enhance the customer experience across the whole range of sales channels. Secondly, the general business environment – characterized by growing competition, low interest rates, and tighter regulation – means they have to continue streamlining their cost structures. One way in which they can achieve this is through further process automation and optimization.

Our company supplies the information technology – Software, Hardware, and Services – that our customers need in order to overcome these challenges and seize new market opportunities as they arise. In line with the rapid advance of digitalization, we are keen to push software and software-related services to the forefront as the main engine of growth within the Wincor Nixdorf Group. Additionally, we will be looking to harness future business opportunities with the help of innovative hardware. To this end, we are adapting our resources in this area so that we can operate more cost-effectively and even more competitively. To find out about what our IT solutions encompass, please visit the portfolio section of our website.

Our success depends on our ability to develop leading technologies and solutions that simplify the interfaces between our clients' processes and their customers and help our clients to work more efficiently and productively. In order to support this ongoing transformation of our clients' operations and establish ourselves as a successful innovation partner, we make it our business to develop a thorough understanding of their processes. In this context, one of our key strengths is the fact that our customers can find all the products, services, and know-how they require from a single provider. From their perspective, that reduces the complexity of the transformation process. At the same time, we can apply our strengths in a fully integrated form. To this end, we continue to systematically expand our skills base, and develop new and highly competitive services directly within the market. What is more, we are in a strong position to retain the loyalty of our customers in the long term by providing support across the full spectrum. Within the framework of our business model, we act at all times in accordance with the principles of sustainability.