About Wincor Nixdorf

Chapter entry About Wincor Nixdorf (photo)

Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world's leading providers of IT solutions and services tailored to the requirements of retail banks and retailers. We also serve customers with similar business structures, such as postal companies and service station operators. Our comprehensive portfolio is designed to support our customers' business operations – especially at branch and store level – in both of the sectors outlined above. Wincor Nixdorf's core business involves optimizing and redesigning processes with the help of information technology.

The Group's global headcount totals some 9,100 people. Over half are employed outside Germany. Around two-thirds of the Group's net sales are generated by its retail banking products and services and roughly one-third comes from its retail industry business. Software and Services account for over half of the Group's business, while the rest is attributable to Hardware sales.

Europe continues to form the basis of our home market. This region generates 70% of the Group's net sales. The Asia/Pacific/Africa region contributes 18% of total net sales, while the Americas make up a further 12%. Wincor Nixdorf is represented – either directly or through its partners – in around 130 countries all over the world. We have established our own local subsidiaries in 42 countries. Additionally, we collaborate with experienced sales partners that have an excellent knowledge of local requirements and conditions on the customer side. This gives us unrivaled proximity to our customers wherever we do business.

Our global presence is particularly evident within the area of IT Services. To ensure the maximum possible availability and reach of all the systems we install, our high-caliber Services organization works with a network of certified partners. This allows us to provide consistently high quality worldwide.

For detailed information about our company, please refer to our latest annual report.