Retail Segment Performance.

Significant growth in net sales and EBITA.

Net sales in the Retail segment, which includes our international service station business, rose by a substantial 23% in the year under review to €1,036 million (2014/2015: €845 million). Business in this area benefited from investments by major retailers in Europe in particular, while other regions also generated substantial growth. Correspondingly, EBITA rose to €39 million in fiscal 2015/2016 (2014/2015: €19 million). The impact on the Retail segment of transaction expenses attributable to the business combination with Diebold Inc. amounted to €20 million. Overall, the EBITA margin rose to 3.8% (2014/2015: 2.2%). EBITA after non-recurring items and excluding transaction expenses stood at €59 million (2014/2015: €19 million). Correspondingly, the EBITA margin after non-recurring items rose to 5.7% (2014/2015: 2.2%). EBITA before non-recurring items totaled €54 million (2014/2015:37 million). The EBITA margin recorded within the Retail segment, before non-recurring items, rose to 5.2% (2014/2015: 4.4%).

Net Sales and EBITA History: Retail.

€ million

Net Sales and EBITA History: Retail (bar chart) Net Sales and EBITA History: Retail (bar chart)

Segment performance by business stream.

Hardware business expanded substantially year on year. This was attributable to buoyant demand for POS systems as well as more expansive business relating to systems used in store automation.

Software/Services also grew significantly in the period under review, fueled mainly by business from customers undergoing global expansion.

Segment performance by region.

In Germany, business relating to retail companies grew sharply in fiscal 2015/2016. We expanded POS system sales and also performed well in the field of automation solutions. Growth was also underpinned by business in the area of Software/Services.

We recorded significant growth in Europe (excluding Germany), supported by solid business in the area of Hardware as well as Software/Services.

Our Retail activities in Asia/Pacific/Africa expanded in the period under review.

Net sales generated in the Americas were up substantially. This was due mainly to the fact that we supported international retailers in their efforts to expand into North America, supplying both hardware and software/services. Furthermore, we saw strong growth in our business directed at service station operators. Business in Latin America was comparable to that seen in the previous year.