Net Sales by Region.

Growth spanning all regions, with Asia being held back by China.

With the exception of Asia, business developed well in all regions. Growth at Wincor Nixdorf was driven primarily by the industrialized nations over the course of the fiscal year. The emerging markets performed at a level comparable to the prior-year figure, although this region's positive performance was dampened in particular by China.

Comparison of Regional Sales Performance.

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Comparison of Regional Sales Performance (bar chart) Comparison of Regional Sales Performance (bar chart)

In Germany, net sales rose by 2% to €565 million (2014/2015: €555 million). This was fueled by growth in both the Banking and Retail segments. On this basis, Germany's share of the Group's total net sales stood at 22% (2014/2015: 23%).


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Net Sales Germany (bar chart) Net Sales Germany (bar chart)

In Europe (excluding Germany), net sales rose by 11% year on year to €1,223 million (2014/2015: €1,097 million). This performance was driven to a large extent by buoyant Retail business, while net sales in the Banking segment were just slightly higher than in the previous year. As a result, Europe's (excluding Germany) share of the Group's total net sales increased to 48% (2014/2015: 45%).


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Net Sales Europe (bar chart) Net Sales Europe (bar chart)

The Asia/Pacific/Africa region saw net sales fall by 2% in total to €471 million (2014/2015: €480 million). This was attributable primarily to a marked downturn in China, the world's most important market for banking systems. Here, business by Western suppliers was again severely impeded during the period under review. The overall contribution by Asia/Pacific/Africa to the Group's total net sales fell to 18% (2014/2015: 20%).


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Net Sales Asia/Pacific/Africa (bar chart) Net Sales Asia/Pacific/Africa (bar chart)

As a region, the Americas recorded growth of 8%, taking net sales to €320 million (2014/2015: €295 million). While North America produced a substantial upturn in business, sales in some of the countries in Latin America were severely impacted by deteriorating economic conditions. Thus, the proportion of Group net sales generated in the Americas was unchanged year on year at 12% (2014/2015: 12%).


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Net Sales Americas (bar chart) Net Sales Americas (bar chart)