Legal Structure of the Company.

Wincor Nixdorf is a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) under German law. The Company's headquarters are in Paderborn, Germany. There were no changes to the Company's legal structure in fiscal 2015/2016.

A total of 90 companies are fully consolidated in the Group's financial statements. Further details of the scope of consolidation are presented in the notes to the consolidated financial statements [29].

Information pertaining to mergers and acquisitions in connection with the "Delta" restructuring and realignment program can be found in section Mergers and Acquisitions as part of Delta of this report.

We have an international network of hardware production facilities that includes a number of external partners. The Group has production sites in Germany and, as part of a joint venture, in China.

Our research and development activities are also spread around the world – in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Singapore, and the Czech Republic. Additionally, we collaborate with a growing network of external partners and research institutes.