Four strategic fields.

Despite our efforts to refocus as we transform our Company in response to changing market conditions (Delta program), our original strategy remains unchanged. It encompasses four key strategic fields:

Building on our strength in Europe to generate growth in the emerging markets.

When it comes to advancing our business in the emerging countries, the corporate goal of "profitable growth" will take precedence over that of "capturing market share."

Our global business activities will continue to be founded on our strength within the home market of Europe. This region is a major pacesetter for international trends in the customer industries targeted by our business and provides the central platform for Wincor Nixdorf's future advancement within the global markets. Consequently, it is of prime importance to us that we help shape the technological future of retail banking and the retail industry within the European market in the role as a market-leading enterprise. Given the changes seen in the level of global economic development, however, we will also focus more purposefully on other advanced markets such as the United States.

Strengthening our market position through innovation.

Today's innovations are the foundation of our business success in the future. The products and services we develop are designed to drive the process of change among our customers and help to establish us as a much sought-after partner when it comes to the forward-looking transformation of banking and retail operations.

The focus of our R&D activities in the coming years will be on our Software business in particular. Together with innovative hardware, our software portfolio is set to be one of the key drivers of change in our customers' business operations.

In addition to further increasing capital expenditure on R&D, we will expand our portfolio for cashless and mobile payment, which was pooled within a separate enterprise by the name of AEVI at the beginning of the new fiscal year 2015/2016.

Cementing and expanding our Services portfolio.

Demand for IT services continues to grow around the globe, and this also applies to retail banks and retailers. Given the more pronounced level of competition, these industry players are particularly eager to drive down costs without compromising on security and service availability.

This includes the ambition in particular to focus our growth on the area of high-end services, such as Managed Services and Outsourcing. In parallel, we plan to strengthen our Product-related Services, which continue to constitute a sizeable proportion of our IT Services business.

Adapting expertise to similar applications by leveraging synergies.

There are growing similarities between the sales concepts adopted by banks and retailers. The convergence of these industries in respect of their underlying concepts presents an opportunity for us to harness the available synergies and generate additional growth.