(27) Notes to the Group Cash Flow Statement

The Group cash flow (Glossary statement has been drawn up in accordance with IAS 7 “Cash Flow Statements.”

Cash and cash equivalents include not only cash amounting to €22,146k (2009/2010: €19,959k) but also bank liabilities repayable at any time amounting to €15,933k (2009/2010: €37,642k), as these could be considered in the management of cash.

The change in working capital (Glossary is a result of the following changes:





Sept. 30, 2011

Sept. 30, 2010

Change in inventories



Change in advances received on orders



Change in trade receivables



Change in trade payables



Change in deferred income



Change in working capital



Overall, the EBITDA (Glossary of €225,276k (2009/2010: €223,191k), as well as – with an opposite impact – the income taxes paid of –€37,107k (2009/2010: –€51,559k) and the change in working capital of –€31,003k (2009/2010: –€32,800k) resulted in cash flow from operating activities of €143,693k (2009/2010: €154,108k).

Lease payments from customers for Wincor Nixdorf products and lease payments from Wincor Nixdorf for operating lease assets are presented in cash flow from operating activities. Lease payments for assets, which classify as a finance lease and are capitalized, are recorded in cash flow from financing activities.

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