Additional Solutions for Retail Banking

Automation and Self-service.

One of our goals is to relieve branch staff from routine and manual activities while at the same time allowing banks to offer their services seven days a week around the clock. To this end, Wincor Nixdorf can automate those processes that do not form part of the bank staff’s core duties (e.g., cash disbursement and the deposit of banknotes, checks, and coins) by migrating them to self-service. In systems equipped with our cash recycling technology (Glossary, cash deposited in ATMs and automated teller safes is first subjected to a counterfeit check before being made available once again for disbursement. Our portfolio of self-service systems (Glossary is currently the most comprehensive on the market.

The incorporation of new hardware components and software applications into our systems allows us to expand the range of services we offer to consumers, including ticket issue, topping up of pre-paid cell phone cards, and bill payments using a self-service system. Our self-service portfolio also includes transaction terminals and statement printers.

Protection against Criminal Attack.

Security generates confidence, so establishing a secure environment in every area of the bank’s operations – from data protection and building security through to processes and sales channels – is of critical importance. Our security portfolio offers solutions to counter a large number of potential attack scenarios that range well beyond the well-known threat of ATM skimming (Glossary. The protection we offer covers data, software, and cash security, identity and access controls, and the monitoring of branch security. Our entire portfolio of security solutions is updated constantly to include new consulting (Glossary and support services. We also offer our customers an option to link their branches for monitoring purposes to our own security center. One of our latest developments is the Dynamic Fraud Management (Glossary Solution (Glossary, which combines information from different sources and subjects it to intelligent analysis so that follow-up action to prevent damage can be initiated more rapidly and in a more targeted manner.

Centralized Process Management using Consistent Customer Data.

Bank customers use a wide range of channels to communicate with their bank. Whichever channel they choose – the branch, the self-service terminal, or mobile banking – they expect to find a consistently high level of service and a uniform image. Wincor Nixdorf’s Retail Banking Suite (Glossary (ProClassic/Enterprise Retail Banking Solution Suite) helps banks to implement corresponding multichannel (Glossary strategies.

Our Retail Banking Suite lays the foundation for process standardization and for the standardization and optimization of IT infrastructures. It allows banks to assign customer-based transactions into different sales channels and manage them as a whole. Our portfolio of services in this area includes applications that control self-service processes, staff-operated branch activities, system monitoring, mobile banking, and cashless transactions. Since the Retail Banking Suite is designed as a service-oriented architecture (Glossary, applications can be implemented rapidly. As part of our service portfolio, we also offer our customers an option to outsource the operation of the Retail Banking Suite to us – from software implementation, regular updates, and rights management through to remote monitoring and consolidated reporting.

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