Group Focus over the Next Two Fiscal Years

We intend to maintain our basic focus over the coming years, while continuously reviewing and developing our corresponding plans. The foundation of our business model remains solid, since investment in information technology is vital to the success of both retail banks and retailers.

Consequently, our business strategy also remains in place. This consists of four growth levers – global expansion, market innovation, the expansion and ongoing development of high-quality services, and the extension of our expertise into other areas of application. Both singly and in combination, these four levers can exploit potential new business and help to drive future growth.

In spite of the market uncertainty, we intend to further strengthen our international sales operations and, for example, to work even more closely with our strategic partners throughout the world.

In addition, Wincor Nixdorf will push ahead forcefully with the expansion of its activities and business in the emerging markets, an approach that will require a differentiated portfolio of products and services tailored to the needs of individual markets.

Future Sales Markets.

We believe the medium-term prospects are good, especially for CINEO, our new range of hardware systems, and for other innovative high-end solutions. Nevertheless, our future performance depends in large measure on how fast the global economic environment stabilizes and on our customers’ readiness to invest in high-end solutions.

We will also push further ahead with our development as a full-service provider of solutions geared towards process optimization. To this end, we increasingly combine different components of our portfolio into integrated solutions, an approach that delivers crucial improvements to our customers.

From a regional perspective, we believe there is significant potential for growth in the emerging markets, especially in the area of ATMs but also in the provision of IT equipment for expanding retail chains.

Anticipated Personnel Developments.

Alongside measures that have already been initiated on the sales and cost side, we intend to maintain the existing program of structural adjustments. These have led to an increase in our international workforce – especially in the Asia/Pacific region – and a corresponding adjustment in the absolute and relative size of our German workforce to reflect the growing importance of growth markets outside Europe.

In response to the present uncertainty, above all in our European market, we cannot exclude the need to accelerate our existing program of personnel adjustments in fiscal 2011/2012, with a reallocation towards our increasingly important business in the Asia/Pacific region and our growing Software/Services (Glossary business.

Depending on our business performance, employee numbers in fiscal 2011/2012 will remain roughly at the level of 2010/2011.

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