Rethinking Processes. Managing Change

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Things don’t stand still for long in the branch operations of banks and retailers. Processes and structures are subject to ongoing change as customer and market requirements shift and present new challenges. Wincor Nixdorf’s role is to help its banking and retail customers implement these changes. In every case, we aim to reduce costs and complexity, while improving levels of service and efficiency.

In order to find the best solutions, we therefore need to team up with our customers, to think ahead and sometimes even laterally. Take our Cash Cycle Management (Glossary Solutions (CCMS), for example. This revolutionary new portfolio of solutions ensures maximum security and transparency, while enhancing processes and reducing costs in the cash logistics chains of banks and retailers.

Why not take a look at our special report on the following pages to find out what else Wincor Nixdorf is doing to help make its customers’ processes more efficient and competitive through the use of IT? You will discover how our CCMS can cut your cash handling costs by over 20 percent, how you can benefit from IT integration services from a single provider and why knowledge means progress and green is good.

The head is round so that its rhoughts can change its direction. (quote)
Francis Picabia
French poet, painter and graphic artist, 1879–1953
The future interest me far more than the past, as I intend living in it. (quote)
Albert Einstein
German physicist, 1879–1955
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