Managing It Operations and Branch Processes

Managed Services/Outsourcing (photo)

Managing IT Operations and Branch Processes

Availability is Absolutely Essential.

This much is certain: Only a functioning ATM is a good ATM, as banks and their customers alike will agree. For banks, the self-service terminal is one of their most important sales channels (Glossary. For customers, it is a familiar tool for collecting cash. Terminal functionality and availability is crucial for banks to maintain customer satisfaction and their own image. The situation is similar in the retail industry. Modern POS (Glossary systems are firmly anchored in retailers’ value chains. By using new technologies such as automated checkout systems (Glossary, they can positively influence the shopping experience. And because smooth-functioning ATMs and POS terminals are an essential requirement for customer satisfaction, system availability is an issue of growing importance.

This is not only about ensuring availability of individual systems such as ATMs and POS terminals; it is also about making sure that the entire IT infrastructure runs smoothly and reliably. One option is to use standardized Managed Services (Glossary packages from external service providers that can be combined in a modular way or to outsource the entire operations. Only then can banks and retailers concentrate on their core competencies, save costs and increase operational efficiency. Equally important, employees are relieved of routine tasks to devote more time to advising and supporting customers.

Cost transparency is a further aspect that speaks in favor of banks and retailers outsourcing information and communication technologies (ICT) to external service providers. These providers can answer a number of questions such as: What are the costs of expanding an ATM network by X number of terminals? Or what does it cost to equip our field representatives with laptops?

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