Efficient, User-Friendly Solutions for Branch Operations of Banks and Retailers

  • Wincor Nixdorf’s innovative IT solutions help boost process efficiency in banking and retail industries
  • High levels of availability and quality
  • Solutions for cost-efficient operation of IT systems
  • Banking (Glossary: particular strength in key branch and self-service sales channels (Glossary and interlinking of sales channels
  • Retail (Glossary: solutions portfolio for automated checkout processes
  • Wincor Nixdorf applies expertise to other fast-growing areas such as postal services and gas station chains

Innovative IT solutions (photo)

Innovative information technology solutions (Glossary from Wincor Nixdorf help retail banks and retailers throughout the world increase the efficiency of their processes. Indeed, not only our clients profit from such efficiency gains; there is a direct benefit for their own customers as well.

Systems such as our combined cash-in/cash-out ATMs and POS (Glossary systems in the supermarket checkout serve as an interface to the consumer. However, it is not just hardware that is bringing about lasting changes to consumer-related processes; it is also a wide range of software applications and additional services that ensure the smooth control of systems and the undisturbed flow of data, and that make it possible to integrate everything into the existing IT infrastructure of retail banks and retailers. Our expertise lies in bringing together hardware, software and services (Glossary to create global IT solutions that increase and optimize the efficiency and user-friendliness of our customers’ processes.

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