Case Studies

The Wincor Nixdorf Success Story Continues: It is not just the figures in this report that paint a clear picture. Our own success is also heavily dependent on the activities of our customers. The case studies in this management report highlight this and serve to illustrate and explain the solutions for which we stand. The cover image chosen for this report is also a symbol of the changes that Wincor Nixdorf is undergoing. Indeed, in the same way that we ourselves convert concrete items into digital information through the application of technology, the company, too, is being transformed – into an IT partner that provides global solutions for its customers’ branch processes all over the world.

Wincor Nixdorf for ABN AMRO, Netherlands

Outsourcing at its best: Wincor Nixdorf takes over
cash cycle management for Abn Amro. [more]


Wincor Nixdorf for Aldi Nord, Germany

Full gas ahead for Aldi Nord. Not only with
returned empties. [more]


Wincor Nixdorf for Banca Intesa, Italy

Banca Intesa is always open For checks,
cash – and more service. [more]


Wincor Nixdorf for Grupo Selco, Venezuela

Venezuela’s lottery relies fully on Wincor Nixdorf.


Wincor Nixdorf for Wells Fargo, USA

Depositing checks and cash via
self-service at Wells Fargo. [more]