Optimization of Structures and Processes at Branches

Advanced Hardware, Software and Services Portfolio

Banks everywhere are compelled to optimize their processes in order to reduce costs. Banks also need intelligent solutions to comply with new legal requirements and to cope with increasing internationalization. With a complete standardization and automation portfolio, Wincor Nixdorf covers the entire process chain at bank branches, ranging from analysis, design, implementation of products and solutions, to operations.

  • Wincor Nixdorf examines, using special software tools, the bank branch's operational business and identifies the parameters needed for efficient realignment. The impact of any changes can be simulated. The optimal branch structures are those developed jointly by the customer working with Wincor Nixdorf consultants.

  • With changes to bank branch operations and service structures comes a changed bank image. Wincor Nixdorf consultants can visually redesign bank branches and produce materials for marketing initiatives.

  • Wincor Nixdorf has developed a range of products to automate and migrate customer-related processes to self-service: modular, multifunction self-service machines for cash dispense and deposit, cash-recycling solutions, viewing of account information, credit transfer and deposit of checks. Cash-recycling systems from Wincor Nixdorf make deposited cash available again for dispensing once it has been validated.

  • Wincor Nixdorf has front-office solutions to handle cash-related and account-related transactions. A bank employee continues to deal with cash transactions that cannot be handled directly via self-service. But the cash is then dispensed at a self-service system.

  • With its network-centric solutions, Wincor Nixdorf keeps operating costs down. The software to run the terminals is only stored centrally on the network. This reduces the cost of software distribution and maintenance.