Completely new portfolio for the optimization of cash processes in retail banking

Wincor Nixdorf introduces new CINEO system family

Wincor Nixdorf intends to optimize the cash processes in retail banking with its completely new, modular solution portfolio. The Cash Cycle Management Solutions portfolio for banks includes cash recycling systems, ATMs, automated teller safes and transaction terminals of the new CINEO generation as well as innovative software and services. An innovative banknote storage concept is the core element of the Cash Cycle Management portfolio. For the first time ever, the intelligent end-to-end cassettes enable cash to be exchanged between different cash points in the branch and thus kept in the cycle. For example, cash that has been deposited in automated teller safes at the counter can be used to replenish ATMs or cash recycling systems in the self-service zone.

Replenishment and removal processes between systems in the self-service zone, the front office and the back office are optimized through closed cash handling. As a result, banks benefit from maximum transparency and security as well as optimized costs. Furthermore, it is also possible to exchange cassettes between different branches of the same institute. In the future, this revolutionary concept will also allow new scenarios in which banknote storage units that have been filled with cash in a retail store’s system can be used to dispense cash in an ATM.

Our new CINEO cash recycling systems, ATMs and automated teller safes provide many advantages, including improved security thanks to new integrated security features, intuitive operation, faster transaction processing and the latest banknote recognition technology. CINEO also sets new standards in serviceability. The systems automatically provide a whole host of operating information, thus enabling proactive system management and the greatest possible availability.
Our CINEO systems feature a new, attractive design of the highest quality. With its multitude of variants, our comprehensive product portfolio supports all the different strategies of our customers.

The new generation of terminals within our CINEO system family also boasts a new design. The latest printing technology, easy operation via 15“ or 17" monitors, the integration of a wide range of peripherals, such as barcode readers and check scanners for automated document processing, and improved serviceability are just some examples of the benefits provided by our new transaction terminals.

Wincor Nixdorf offers software applications for the control of cash processes in branch networks, but also for managing the entire cash logistics chain. These applications – which are controlled by the Cash Cycle Management Solutions Base – provide cash inventory forecasting and optimization across branches, order management, tracking & tracing and management reporting. Our Cash Cycle Management software portfolio is continually being expanded and refined. The Cash Supply Manager application is our latest addition to the portfolio. In combination with a docking station for the CINEO systems’ intelligent cassettes, the software controls, manages and documents replenishment and removal processes. The software exchanges information with the cassette’s memory chip on who removed how many banknotes from the cassette and when, or how much cash was added.

Customers can manage their cash processes themselves or hand over the control to Wincor Nixdorf entirely in order to focus on their core business. All the functionalities of the Cash Cycle Management™ Solutions Base described here are also part of the Wincor Nixdorf eServices Platform. This allows customers to profit from the know-how of our specialists, from economies of scale, and from our international service organization. No matter whether the processes are optimized directly in the bank or via Wincor Nixdorf’s eServices Platform – the advantages are the same: complete transparency of cash and IT processes at optimal cost and best possible system availability.