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Making branches digitally competitive
The challenges facing retail banks today are multifaceted. Digital and mobile channels are driving changes in consumer behavior, enabling new forms of customer experience and interaction.
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Mobile Money and Mobile Financial Services@ATM Networks

In both developed and emerging markets the number of mobile first customers is growing substantially. ATM networks play an ever increasing role in connecting the world of cash with the mobile financial services ecosystem.
Serving the mobile first customer


AEVI has developed a unique open ECO system
to bring merchant banks / merchant acquirers closer to their merchants, and merchants closer to their consumers.
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Empower, enable and engage customers with in-store mobility solutions
Mobile devices are greatly changing consumer habits. Against this backdrop, retail companies need concepts for offering their customers special shopping experiences in the form of personalized mobile services.
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Official company launch of AEVI
We are pleased to confirm that the Wincor Nixdorf group has started to carve-out its cashless payment business into a new group of companies called AEVI.
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Alastair Bruce

How Digital Do Banks and Retailers Need to Become?
Alastair Bruce, CEO of Microsoft Germany, can draw upon a wealth of experience when devising digital strategies for retailers and banks.
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Edmund Schäfer

Time to transform the most valuable channel
Jordi Perez, Head of Branch Network Transformation at Wincor Nixdorf explains how banks can transform their oldest channel and make it more effective.
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Giving customers what they want, when and where they want it
Seamlessly integrating the various channels in the retail industry is and remains one of the biggest challenges facing retailers today and will also determine their long-term market success.
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With its hardware, software, and services, Wincor Nixdorf provides retail banks and retailers with reliable information technology (IT) to support changing business processes, particularly those that interface with the consumer.

What we offer our customers

Olaf Heyden

IT outsourcing: the right choice for banks?
Outsourcing nearly always pays off. If a customer makes a conscious decision to outsource and defines its requirements and goals clearly, then outsourcing isn't a problem. Alongside the issue of cost, the critical drivers are the pressure to innovate, and changed regulations.
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Why software matters
No other industry, most experts agree, tops the software sector in its ability to respond fast, creatively and profitably to change.