Press Archive 2009

12/17/09 | Indonesia’s Bank Danamon grows revenue at the ATM by delivering customer rewards with Wincor Nixdorf’s software solution

Bank Danamon, one of Indonesia's largest private banks, is growing fee-based transactions at the ATM with Wincor Nixdorf’s Direct Marketing software.

12/15/09 | Crédit Agricole Group decides in favor of PC/E Retail Banking Solution Suite

Wincor Nixdorf has received an important software contract from one of the leading bank groups in Europe. In the future Crédit Agricole will control its 22,000 self-service systems throughout Europe with Wincor Nixdorf’s ProClassic/Enterprise Retail Banking Solution Suite (PC/E).

12/11/09 | Singapore supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice first retailer to introduce reverse vending in the city-state

NTUC FairPrice is the first retailer to introduce and pilot an automated reverse vending system in Singapore.

11/23/09 | Wincor World 2010: Cash Cycle Management Solutions in Focus

The topic of cash cycle management will be the focus of Wincor World 2010, which will take place in Paderborn from January 26 to 28.

11/10/09 | Wincor Nixdorf reports lower net sales and profit – Group nevertheless strengthened for another difficult fiscal year

Against the backdrop of a severe economic crisis, Wincor Nixdorf emerged from the fiscal year just ended with only a moderate fall in sales, although profit contracted at a more pronounced rate.

11/6/09 | Wincor Nixdorf to provide retail technology to Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore’s brand new resort destination

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), a new world-class family entertainment resort in Singapore, has adopted Wincor Nixdorf’s integrated retail solution to ensure customers enjoy a premium consumer experience.

10/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf provides automated teller machines and services for retail shops in Sweden

10/12/09 | Wincor Nixdorf awarded contract to provide site systems hardware as part of Shell’s Global Site Systems Program

Wincor Nixdorf has extended its relationship with Shell International Petroleum Company Limited (Shell), an affiliate of Royal Dutch Shell plc. The IT solutions provider has been selected to equip Shell service stations internationally with a new hardware solution platform in a move to further standardize large sections of the global service station network.

9/16/09 | Wincor Nixdorf wins first order from State Bank of India

State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender, has awarded Wincor Nixdorf and its local partner AGS Infotech an order for 1,000 ATMs.

8/13/09 | Wincor Nixdorf wins order from Oldenburgische Landesbank AG (OLB) to operate more than 200 self-service systems at its Allianz Bank branch

Wincor Nixdorf has closed a deal with Oldenburgische Landesbank AG to manage operations of more than 200 self-service systems installed at branches of its Allianz Bank unit.

8/6/09 | Global IT solutions provider Wincor Nixdorf acquires Siemens Inc. subsidiary in the Philippines

Wincor Nixdorf, a leading provider of hardware, software and services technology to banks and retailers, has acquired Siemens Inc.’s Information Technology Products & Services (ITPS) Division.

8/4/09 | China’s top oil and gas producer adopts Wincor Nixdorf’s integrated Service Station solution for total site management

CNOOC, China’s top offshore oil and gas producer, has awarded Wincor Nixdorf its first ‘site management’ project in China for service stations.

7/22/09 | Significant impact of the economic crisis – business at Wincor Nixdorf declining after tough third quarter

The continuing economic crisis has had an impact on Wincor Nixdorf AG’s results in the first nine months of fiscal 2008/2009. The company, which specializes in IT solutions for bank branches and retail stores, posted net sales of 1,729 million euros, a decline of 1% over the previous year (1,738 million euros).


Postbank customers can now pay their fuel bills at Shell service stations and withdraw cash at the same time.

6/26/09 | Sevenval and Wincor Nixdorf form strategic partnership in mobile banking

Sevenval GmbH and Wincor Nixdorf have formed a strategic partnership, bundling the expertise of both companies to enable financial institutions to have fast, easy access to the mobile world.

6/17/09 | Sparkasse KölnBonn turns over VoIP operation to Wincor Nixdorf subsidiary prosystemsIT for five years

prosystemsIT, a Wincor Nixdorf company, has been commissioned by Sparkasse KölnBonn with the operation of the bank’s voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems for the next five years.

6/17/09 | Wincor Nixdorf pioneers bank branch transformation in Indonesia

Bank Central Asia (BCA), one of Indonesia’s largest banks, has partnered with Wincor Nixdorf to rejuvenate its branch network.

6/4/09 | BW-Bank adds direct marketing and front-office processes to ProClassic Enterprise Installation

Baden-Württembergische Bank (BW-Bank), a Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) subsidiary, is set to deploy software from Wincor Nixdorf's ProClassic/Enterprise Retail Banking Solution Suite (PC/E) in the front office at its 200 branches.

6/4/09 | Wincor Nixdorf breaks the 2,000 mark for installed kiosks at Taiwan FamilyMart

Taiwan FamilyMart, one of the largest convenience store chains on the island, has installed more than 2,200 Wincor Nixdorf self-service kiosks - a new milestone for both companies.

6/3/09 | Wincor Nixdorf is primary supplier of reverse vending systems for NETTO stores

Wincor Nixdorf has won a large order from NETTO Marken-Discount, a subsidiary of EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft that is headquartered in Ponholz near Regensburg, to equip NETTO’s stores with 1,500 reverse vending machines. This makes Wincor Nixdorf NETTO’s primary supplier of reverse vending.

5/27/09 | Wincor Nixdorf signs reverse vending systems frame agreement with Coop Trading

Wincor Nixdorf has signed a frame agreement with Coop Trading, the internordic procurement company for Coop in Scandinavia, to equip their stores with reverse vending systems in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

5/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf equips Stockholm Public Transport’s ticket shops with cash management solution

Stockholm Public Transport is optimizing the cash processes at its ticket windows with cash management technology. At all of its 162 ticket offices in Stockholm, cash flows will be processed using Wincor Nixdorf’s iCash banknote and coin systems.

5/14/09 | Training for long-term business success –
Wincor Nixdorf as technology partner in the GS1 Knowledge Center

Wincor Nixdorf, a leading provider of IT services and solutions for the banking and retail sectors, is now present as a technology partner of GS1 Germany at the standard organization’s new international Knowledge Center in Cologne.

5/11/09 | Wincor Nixdorf expands its retail IT business in Canada

Wincor Nixdorf has acquired a controlling interest in Connections Canada Inc. (CCi), effective May 1.

5/8/09 | Wincor Nixdorf signs reverse vending systems frame agreement with top Swedish retailer

Wincor Nixdorf has signed a frame agreement with ICA, Sweden’s largest retailer, to supply reverse vending systems to ICA stores in Sweden.

5/6/09 | Wincor Nixdorf shows IT solutions for enhanced customer service and automated service station processes at the 2009 Service Station Operators trade show in Munster, Germany

At this year’s Service Station Operators (Tankstelle und Mittelstand) trade show from May 6 to 7, Wincor Nixdorf presents IT solutions for enhanced customer service and optimized service station processes, including transparent pricing, fuel pump management and back-office as well as head-office processes mapping.

5/5/09 | Wincor Nixdorf at the “Kiosk Expo” in Essen - Solutions for customer communications and branch process automation

At “Kiosk Expo,” the international trade show for kiosk solutions that takes place in Essen, Germany, from May 5 to 7,
Wincor Nixdorf presents new and proven solutions for customer service, marketing communications at POS and optimized sales and cash processes.

5/5/09 | Public telephone booths in South Korea now house Wincor Nixdorf ATMs

Wincor Nixdorf and NICE Banking, an independent deployer of ATMs in South Korea, have partnered to grow a network of cash dispensers at sites owned by the country’s top communications provider Korea Telecom.

4/29/09 | Edeka awards contract for 600 reverse vending machines to Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf has concluded a framework agreement with leading German food retailer Edeka to equip some of the group’s stores with reverse vending machines

4/23/09 | Wincor Nixdorf grows during the first half and holds on to forecast despite slower growth

Wincor Nixdorf AG closed the first six months of fiscal 2008/2009 with an increase of 4% in net sales and 2% in operating profit (EBITA). An expert in IT solutions for bank branches and retail stores, Wincor Nixdorf increased its net sales in the first half of the year to 1,234 million euros (1,183 million euros) and EBITA to 103 million euros (101 million euros). Profits for the period rose by 5% to 64 million euros (61 million euros).

4/17/09 | Wincor Nixdorf installs first TPLinux software in Philippines

Puregold, a leading hypermarket operator in the Philippines, is the first retailer in the country to begin installing TPLinux software across its point of sale (POS) and store server network.

4/14/09 | ING Belgium’s branch strategy supported by 1,200 new transaction terminals

ING Belgium will deploy 1,200 ProConsult transaction terminals from Wincor Nixdorf over the next two years. Belgium’s fourth largest bank will install the systems in 550 branches in which cash is dispensed exclusively through terminals and in 250 larger branches.

4/1/09 | Wincor Nixdorf provides technology for Best Buy to open new stores in China

Best Buy, a global consumer electronics retailer, has adopted Wincor Nixdorf’s New Store Opening solution to support its business in China.

3/25/09 | Wincor Nixdorf announces direct presence in Australia

Given the importance of the Australian market, Wincor Nixdorf has expanded into Australia, today announcing the opening of its new local subsidiary and office in Sydney.

3/12/09 | Galp Energia – leading petroleum company in Portugal chooses innovative technology from Wincor Nixdorf

Galp Energia, a leading petroleum corporation in Portugal and the country’s largest service station operator, is planning to operate all of its approximately 1000 service stations in Portugal and Spain with an IT solution from Wincor Nixdorf.

2/12/09 | Wincor Nixdorf opens Singapore Global Distribution Center

Wincor Nixdorf has established a Global Distribution Center (GDC) in Singapore to support its growing operations in Asia Pacific.

2/10/09 | Wincor Nixdorf receives awards in environmental friendliness and customer satisfaction categories

In the first handelsjournal competition for the best products for retail businesses, Wincor Nixdorf’s BEETLE /NetX nd BEETLE /iSCAN systems were awarded gold and silver in the categories environmental friendliness and customer satisfaction.

2/10/09 | Wincor Nixdorf is primary supplier of reverse vending systems for new installations at real,-

Wincor Nixdorf has received an order from the retailer real,- SB Warenhaus GmbH to deliver and install reverse vending systems.

1/27/09 | Wincor World 2009: keen interest in combined solution portfolio

Wincor World 2009, which was held in Paderborn from January 20 to 22, has once more proven to be the place where experts from retail banking and retailers gather.

1/20/09 | Tesco, Poland's leading retail enterprise, awards service contract to Wincor Nixdorf

The Tesco retail chain in Poland has chosen Wincor Nixdorf to maintain its 4,600-strong estate of POS systems and servers from different vendors.

1/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf offers banks and retailers complete transaction processing

The transfer and processing of transactions with debit and credit cards generates a high administration overhead for financial institutes and retail companies alike, and also requires a suitable IT infrastructure. Capital and operating expenses can be reduced if this field of activity is delegated to a service provider.

1/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf assumes service responsibility for 4000 Banco Santander Mexico ATMs

The Mexican financial institution Banco Santander has awarded Wincor Nixdorf a contract for service for all now about 4,000 automated teller machines installed in Mexico.

1/20/09 | New technologies protect against the growing number of attacks

Wincor Nixdorf ensures security at branches with an enhanced product offer called ProTect. ProTect’s three-tier concept begins with analysis of potential risks, continues with a solution portfolio for minimizing risks, and offers service components for complete monitoring of branches and systems.

1/20/09 | Designing and implementing customer-specific solutions

Wincor Nixdorf is expanding its portfolio of professional services for banks, and will be presenting this spectrum of products and services at Wincor World 2009.

1/20/09 | Banknote tracing is automated, automated teller safes offer cassette swapping

Wincor Nixdorf is presenting a number of technical innovations that optimize the cash handling process. A new automated teller safe permits cassettes to be swapped in specific deposit, dispensing and cash recycling systems.

1/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf accompanies a branch’s entire lifecycle

From the opening of new branches to their operation and modernization – Wincor Nixdorf presents its end-to-end offer for a branch’s entire lifecycle and shows what state-of-the-art branch design can look like.

1/20/09 | PC/E Retail Banking Solution Suite with new services

Wincor Nixdorf supports banks in networking their delivery channels and enables new customer services by continuously developing its ProClassic/Enterprise Retail Banking Solution Suite.

1/20/09 | Wincor World 2009: Strengthening competiveness through innovation

At this year’s Wincor World, Wincor Nixdorf will present a wide range of products and services, demonstrating how the IT solutions provider can reliably and competently support banks and retailers in their business and strengthen its own competitiveness through innovation.

1/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf presents the world’s first SEPA-compliant checkout

Wincor Nixdorf is moving toward the new European standard EPAS (Electronic Protocols Application Software), which is now available as part of the introduction of SEPA for integrating cashless payment solutions in checkouts.

1/20/09 | Large-scale field test at HIT on the effectiveness of digital in-store media

According to a survey conducted by the EHI-Retail Institute (Cologne), more than a third of large retail chains are planning to use digital advertising media at their stores in the near future.

1/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf expands its BEETLE POS system family

Wincor Nixdorf has further developed the technology of its BEETLE POS family for international retail companies and added new systems to the product portfolio.

1/20/09 | Software portfolio supplemented by functions for targeted customer loyalty

Wincor Nixdorf has expanded its software portfolio for international retail companies to include new functions to enable central control of processes at the store level.

1/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf rounds out its automated checkout portfolio

Maximum customer acceptance, user-friendliness, and a refined consulting and rollout concept are the focus of Wincor Nixdorf’s expansion of its checkout automation portfolio.

1/20/09 | Wincor Nixdorf awarded contract to provide site systems software as part of Shell’s Global Site Systems Programme

Wincor Nixdorf is set to equip Shell International Petroleum Company Limited (“Shell”) service stations internationally with a new service station solution and, in doing so, further standardize large sections of Shell’s service station network.

1/19/09 | AGM approves increase in dividend
to €2.13

The shareholders of Wincor Nixdorf AG approved all items on the agenda of today's Annual General Meeting in Paderborn with overwhelming majorities. For fiscal 2007/2008 shareholders in the company will receive a dividend payment of €2.13 per share.

1/19/09 | After solid first quarter:
Wincor Nixdorf reaffirms outlook, but attunes
to economic crisis

Wincor Nixdorf AG completed the first quarter of the current fiscal year with 7 percent growth in net sales and an 8 percent increase in operating profit (EBITA).