Cashless Payment Solutions

Cashless Payment Solutions

The world we live in is becoming more technological, more digital and more complex. Sometimes, this may seem like a mixed blessing. But technology can help simplify our lives. For instance, by enabling cashless payment – anytime, anywhere.

The number of consumers embracing non-cash methods of payment continues to rise around the globe. While mature markets still account for the greatest number of non-cash-payment transactions, growth rates in emerging markets have started to outpace those in developed markets. Consider this: currently, 9,500 cashless transactions are made per second worldwide, with an annual growth rate of 8 percent. Fifty percent of this growth is attributable to mobile transactions, with the volume of mobile payments expected to grow from US$ 172 billion in 2012 to US$ 617 billion in 2016. More than 360 million people are already using mobile money accounts; according to estimates, 80 percent of the Europeans will use digital media for their banking business by 2020.

We need to transform the linear channels to market into a more open and fluid trade environment, from touch point to transaction. A cross-generational community of digital consumers has emerged. It is time for business to follow them into the twenty-first century. Wincor Nixdorf leads the way.

.Wincor Nixdorf is bundling, focusing and expanding its portfolio in the cashless transactions sector, that offers genuine added value. Wincor Nixdorf has comprehensive technical know-how and understands the retail and banking payment processes in its customers’ stores and branch offices. It enables our customers to operate easily and seamlessly in an international, digital and omni-channel world.

“Our aim is to provide solutions that guarantee an optimal customer experience and can do more than just process payments,“ explains Miroslav Pekarek, Head of CPS, Wincor Nixdorf.