Wincor Nixdorf develops virtual call center for bank IT provider Sparkassen Informatik Wincor Nixdorf has developed a call center platform jointly with banking IT service provider Sparkassen Informatik. The solution provides the framework for rapid processing of orders and enquiries placed with savings banks by private and business customers using telephone, fax or e-mail, with changes of address, requests for transfer mandate forms or queries regarding the latest interest rates available on savings accounts, etc., being received by fax or e-mail. Transactions such as bank transfers and standing order amendments are carried out by telephone. The solution will be run by Sparkassen Informatik as a central platform and is fully integrated with the common savings bank system OSPlus (One System Plus). The call center platform is not just able to be used at a central location, but may also be implemented decentrally within individual savings banks where staff are able to use the system via a browser (as a virtual, multisite-compatible call center). The new solution is currently being piloted in the Sparkassen Informatik call centers and in an initial contingent of savings banks. The virtual call center is a joint development between Wincor Nixdorf, Sparkassen Informatik and technology partner TietoEnator, based on the Genesys framework. The solution is built into the Sparkassen Informatik back-end systems and connects the banking and communications-type business events to the standardized business processes in the common savings bank system OSPlus. The call center will replace the existing Sparkassen Informatik platform. By so doing, the IT service provider is pursuing the objective of giving the savings banks the choice as to whether they want to run their own call centers, using only the SI equipment platform, or outsourcing the entire business process to the IT service provider. The multisite capability enables call centers to be switched together to create overflow arrangements in order to cope with workload peaks and guarantee availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Full integration with the common savings bank system OSPlus will open the call center up as a sales and service channel - a necessary prerequisite for processing 80% of all standard transactions through to conclusion via the virtual call center. Use of the new solution allows access to all the basic functionalities of a call center. This includes, for example, computer-based automatic distribution of incoming calls and the creation of the basic enablers for an e-mail/fax service center. Additional features include specific banking industry requirements such as a voice computer for telephone banking, integrated voice recording within the back-up structures of the data center and a PIN administration module. Savings banks are able to outsource business processes in their entirety to the Sparkassen Informatik call center and use this technology platform as the basis for running their own call centers. To do this, authorized users are given access to the entire infrastructure via a standard web browser. As well as running their own call centers, the platform also enables savings banks to carry out call center services for third parties also. Running a call center platform within the data center and ensuring it is used widely by the savings banks can yield considerable synergy effects. The solution is not just ideally customized to savings bank requirements, it also excels by virtue of its excellent business and financial characteristics.