Solutions for the health care card: kiosk system gives users access to their own medical files

At Wincor World 2006, Wincor Nixdorf will demonstrate how patients can use their health care cards to access their own medical records or to check exactly when they were prescribed which medications – simply and easily at the ProInfo1000 kiosk terminal. Under the health service reform, patients’ records and prescriptions will in future be stored in a centralized system and patients will be able to call up this information on a kiosk system by using their health care cards to identify themselves. Current plans call for kiosk systems to be set up at such places as hospitals, pharmacies and the offices of health insurance companies.

Wincor Nixdorf is already successfully participating in North Rhine-Westphalia’s initial field test, in which the electronic health care card was introduced in the Bottrop district. A person who chooses to participate in the test uses his or her health care card and PIN at one of the ProInfo1000 terminals to view personal medical records. The first terminal was installed in the miners’ guild hospital in Bottrop. As of the spring of 2006, the card is scheduled to be made available to around 20,000 insured persons and 75 doctors.

The terminals were slightly modified to suit the specific requirements of the project. For instance, a special card reader was integrated, as was a connector that facilitates the link between the terminal and the central public health system computer. All the special hardware and software components comply with the stipulations of the Federal Ministry for Health and Social Affairs (BMGS).

Wincor Nixdorf is also involved with the ProInfo1000 kiosk terminal in the “Electronic Prescription” project. The software for this was developed by VSA, the leading developer of pharmacy software, and can be used on the ProInfo1000 kiosk terminal. This software enables patients to view their prescriptions for prescription-only medications – which will, in future, be stored on the patient’s health care card instead of being printed on paper. The policy holder will have options for deleting prescriptions and for selecting the precise prescription(s) that the pharmacist should fill.