First self-service branch in Romania to have Wincor Nixdorf systems

Another order for Wincor Nixdorf in Eastern Europe

ING Bank Romania has opened its first self-service branch in the Romanian banking market. The branch is equipped with Wincor Nixdorf ProCash 3100 und ProConsult 2000 self-service systems at which the bank's customers will now immediately be able to deposit and withdraw cash or make electronic bank transfers at any time of day. This order is the result of a long-standing partnership between ING Bank, Wincor Nixdorf and its Romanian partner Romsys who have developed - and now implemented - a new self-service concept for the Romanian market.

ING Bank in Romania now has a ProCash 3100 cash recycling system capable of distinguishing, checking, counting, sorting and booking bundles of up to 400 banknotes (bills) in a single transaction. This system also offers standard cash withdrawal functionality and can be upgraded to a true cash recycling system - i.e. cash deposits and cash withdrawals within a closed loop. This means there is no longer any need for manpower-intensive cash checking operations by two independent persons. Instead, the banknotes are counterfeit-checked and can be made available for withdrawal without leaving the machine. In this way, time-consuming, cost-intensive replenishment and emptying procedures can be minimized.

The ProConsult 2000 self-service terminal (SST) handles cashless transactions such as money transfers, payments to utility providers and phone companies, and also cash transfers between accounts, thereby saving banking customers a huge amount of time.

In addition, Wincor Nixdorf's ProTopas web extension platform will enable ING Bank to make use of all the Internet has to offer when it comes to its SSTs. On-screen elements such as graphics and text, and multimedia components like audio, video and screen animation can be stored either locally on an SST or centrally on the web server. The result is a uniform "look and feel" across all the bank's self-service channels - whether Internet banking, cash machines or SSTs. This web-based technology also enables trouble-free introduction of new solutions.

This order has enabled Wincor Nixdorf to fend off its competition once again and further expand its self-service business in Eastern Europe.

"Thanks to our long-standing, solid collaboration with Romania's key banks, Romsys has been able to understand the significance and complexity of this project - which is a key component of ING Romania's investment strategy - and has been able to offer an optimum solution", said Marius Cojanu, manager of Romsys.

"The aim of banks and retailers is to be close to their customers, wherever these happen to be. Self-service has a key role to play in this. Attitudes to self-service in the industrialized countries have undergone a massive transition. Our company is one of the market leaders in self-service and offers banks with international operations an extensive portfolio of IT solutions able to be adapted perfectly to suit the requirements of the various different countries", said Jörg Brinkmöller, Director of Indirect Sales at Wincor Nixdorf.

ING Romania

ING Romania is a member of the ING Group, a global provider of financial services with its roots in the Netherlands, providing banking, insurance and wealth management services to over 60 million private, corporate and institutional clients. With a total of over 112,000 employees, ING owns businesses in a wide variety of markets, all of which are run under the ING brand.

ING Romania has 700 employees and 2,400 consultants. It operates branches and insurance agencies in 63 towns and cities.

In 2004, ING celebrates the 15th anniversary of its involvement in the Romanian market after being the first foreign bank to open a branch in the country in 1989.


A leading ATM solutions provider in Romania, Romsys had the requisite resources and expertise necessary to implement this self-service project successfully for ING Romania:

- Quality of hardware and software - the outstanding product portfolio of Wincor Nixdorf

- Quality of service - Romsys is certified to ISO 9001/2000

- Quality of project management - Romsys' project management is PMI-certified

After a seven-year partnership with Wincor Nixdorf, Romsys is Romania's leading provider in the self-service segment with an estate of 1,600 ATMs sold and under maintenance.

Its technological innovation, the quality of hardware, software and services on offer and its involvement in the successful implementation of the project have made ING Romania one of the company's key clients alongside Banca Comerciala Romana, BRD-Groupe Societé Générale, Banc Post and HVB Romania.