Upgrading monofunction statement printers by adding a document scanner Banks are now able to upgrade existing monofunction Wincor Nixdorf ProPrint2000 statement printers already "in the field" by adding a document scanner, thus producing a powerful account service terminal. Banking customers can use the new to scan in their checks and bank transfer mandates quickly and effectively via the self-service system. Document scanners are becoming ever more important as almost every bill now comes with a pre-printed bank transfer mandate containing all the relevant payment details. Bank transfers can generally be carried out more quickly and with less error on self-service terminals than via home banking on people's PCs. There is no chance of a mistake when typing out the transfer mandate, as the mandate is scanned in by the system and personal data added from the customer's bank card. The transfer mandates and checks are uploaded into the bank's DP network where they can be credited or debited without further manual intervention. The account entry can be made based on image data (as in Germany) or barcodes, as in many European countries. With its ProPrint and ProConsult system families, Wincor Nixdorf offers powerful transaction terminals for processing checks and bank transfer mandates and has a wealth of experience in implementing various international requirements. Banks can choose between various different designs for use while standing or sitting. Completing the family of terminals is a permanently affixed through-the-wall model. Many customers are familiar with this type of mounting from their experience of ATMs. Here, the user only has access to the system's user interface, with the machine itself located in a separate room - security protected behind a wall.